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Anglo Spanish Nursery School Ltd
04170177 – Incorporated on 28 February 2001

The Old Post Office
Antlands Lane East
Shipley Bridge
United Kingdom

Administration Office – 01293 772561
General Enquiries: admin@daycare.co.uk
Accounts Dept: finance@daycare.co.uk

  1. Parents are only charged for the 49 weeks per year that the nursery is open.
  2. Inset Days and Bank Holidays will be charged as normal, except for the Bank Holidays included within the 3 weeks closure.
  3. Payments are to be made on the first week of each month.
  4. There is a £100.00 registration fee per family which is not refundable.
  5. A deposit of £750.00 is required in advance to secure a place at the nursery.
  6. If the place is delayed or cancelled, we have the right to retain the deposit.
  7. The deposit will be returned in full when the child leaves the nursery, once the account is nil and as long as a minimum of one months’ notice is given.
  8. Settling In periods (2 weeks) will be charged as half days the 1st week and full days the 2nd week and thereafter.
  9. One months’ notice is required if…
    …you wish to remove your child from the nursery
    …you wish to change your child’s timetable
    …you wish to cancel any extra sessions booked in
  10. Please note that if you choose to reduce your child’s timetable we will not be able to guarantee availability on your original days in the future, as they will be offered to the next child in the waiting list.
  11. Swapping days is not permitted.
  12. Early birds must be booked with at least one week notice and once booked cannot be refunded.
  13. There will be no refunds or discount given for absences due to illness.
  14. Long Holiday discount; for holiday periods of 4 full weeks or more a discount might be offered if eligible.
    1. Children attending nursery for 2 or 3 days per weekwill be offered a 15% discount
    2. Children attending nursery half dayswill be offered a 15% discount
    3. Children attending nursery for 4 or 5 days per weekwill be offered a 25% discount

    Eligibility requirements:
    -The holiday period must be of a minimum of 4 full consecutive weeks
    -A minimum of a month notice must be given to the office by email only with the exact dates
    -Each child will receive a maximum of 2 long holiday discounts per year
    -We reserve the right not to apply this discount if the child has recently changed their timetable
    -We reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice
    There will be no refunds or discount given for shorter period of holidays

  15. Late Collection Fees; if children are collected later than the nursery closing time (6.00pm), we reserve the right to charge parents a late fee. Fees will be applied as follows:
    If a child is collected between 6.00 pm and 6.15 pm a fee of £10 will be charged.
    If a child is collected between 6.15 pm and 6.30 pm, an additional £20 charge will be applied (£30 in total)
    An additional £20 penalty fee will be charged for every 15 min thereafter (after 6.30pm)
  16. Siblings at the nursery
    10% discount is offered to the eldest sibling, unless both children attend full time, in which case a 20% will be applied
    -20% discount is offered to families with 3 + children registered at the nursery, applied to the eldest child.
    -Sibling discount to be applied from the first full month of start date
    -When the eldest sibling leaves, the deposit is transferred to the youngest sibling enrolled at the nursery
    -A new deposit will be required to book a place for the younger sibling after the eldest one has left the nursery
  17. Fees are subject to a yearly review, usually on the 1st September; one months’ notice will be given of any changes.
  18. For an absence of more than one month without notifying us and no payment, the child’s place will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.
  19. The Nursery Education Fund for 3 and 4 year olds to be applied the term following the child’s 3rd

For more information please refer to the office.